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Should Violence and Horror Be Banned from TV Programs



Now, I am writing to complain about violence and horror on TV programs. There are so many violences and horrors if we watch TV.Violences are like killing….Horror is something that related with the life that we say ‘”the other world”. They usually appear in dram or film. The programs are like Kuntilanak, Smackdown, Vampire, etc…I think  they  should be stopped for a number of reason.

First, violence and horror can make a part of people become fear, coward. You can imagine if we had watched horror and violence film on night. When we want to do something, we may be afraid. Our heart isn’t good. May be, it can make a bad dream on night especially for kid.

Second, it affects mental and psychology of the people. One child that has a habit to see a fight on TV,his personality will always chang in to hard and may be selfish, egois, and will finish one problem with fight. For one people that has a

Finally it can make us to do wickedness. For example, Smackdown program. We know there are so many child practice this. And we know there is child’s death because that TV programs. It

For those reasons, I think the TV station should stop show violence and horror in film or drama. They have bad influence on people. Thus, we must change that programs become  one valuable program on TV. They can be English and Math Competition or sport that can make people in Indonesia become smart and wise so we can build our country well and we will be safe and peacefull.





Fransiskus Xaverius Sinaga

XI IPA 1 / 10 /2082


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